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29.07.2020 - 26.09.2020

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The Historical Museum stores a collection of works by F. S. Rokotov — the largest Russian portrait painter of the XVIII century. The depth of the images created by him makes the artist's works the best examples of the Russian school of painting of the second half of the XVIII century.

"The exhibition is intended to acquaint visitors not only with the artist's picturesque heritage and the development of the portrait genre, but also with the culture of Russia in the second half of the XVIII century. Portraits of Fyodor Rokotov, as the work of every great master, are deeply historical, they give you the opportunity to see and feel the personality of a person of a particular time, with his inherent idea of himself and his place in society" — says the Director of the Historical Museum Alexey Levykin.

Among the works presented at the exhibition, the Central place is occupied by a large ceremonial portrait of Catherine II. F. S. Rokotov repeatedly received orders to create canvases depicting members of the Royal family, which was the highest sign of recognition of the artist's skill. The line of the Royal portrait on display continues the portrait of Grand Duke Alexander Pavlovich, executed in the early 1780s.

Most of the works presented are chamber portraits of representatives of the Moscow nobility. The images of the poet A. p. Sumarokov, count D. M. Matyushkin, and the Moscow beauty A. K. Vasilchikova are conveyed with amazing subtlety and psychologism in the artist's characteristic pictorial manner. Many of these works were not previously exhibited, and some were only attributed as Rokotov's works after careful study, and will also become part of the exhibition for the first time.

The artist's legacy is also linked to portrait galleries in Russian manors of the late XVIII century. The exhibition presents several dozen copies of paintings by F. S. Rokotov, made by estate painters. Two unique works are of particular interest: "Cabinet of I. I. Shuvalov" and "Peter I and Minerva", created by his student Andrey Zyablov. The influence of F. S. Rokotov's works on other artists is also demonstrated by engravings created from the artist's original works by leading Russian masters of the second half of the XVIII century.

The exhibition will show the materials of photographs and x-rays taken during the technical and technological study of paintings and restoration works.

The restoration and research carried out with the support of PAO "LUKOIL" allowed attributing new portraits of the famous master and collecting information about the technology of creating his works.