Excursion for foreigners "The History of Russian Empire of XVIII-XIX centuries" (overview of the second floor of the museum)

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The tour includes the exposition halls, where the objects of history and culture of the Russian Empire are exhibited. During this tour you will see personal belongings and memorial items of Russian emperors, including our first emperor — Peter the Great, one of the greatest rulers — Catherine II, and many others. You can feel the atmosphere that reigned on the magnificent balls of the beginning of the XIX century. You will see numerous exhibits that tell you about the way of life and culture of Russian Empire and other events that determined the future of the country.

Tour group: 15 participants

Duration time: guided tour lasts 1 h. 30 m.


  • guided tour in English or French — 7000 rubles for group (max. — 15 persons) + entrance tickets for each participant
  • guided tour in Russian with translation in different language (with interpreter) — 6 000 rubles + entrance tickets for each participant