Excursion for foreigners "The treasures of the ancient times and the Old and Medieval Russian State" (overview of the first floor of the museum)

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During this tour you will see amazing exhibits of the Historical Museum. Among them are the first Russian gold and silver coins (zlatniki and serebreniki); "Mstislav's Gospel" (a masterpiece of the art of decorating medieval manuscript books), birchbark manuscripts; decorations of boyar’s garments, made in the most sophisticated jewelry techniques; weapons and armor of Russian soldiers; personal belongings of the first Russian Tsar — Ivan the Terrible, relics related to the first Romanovs, one of the largest globes in the world of the XVII–th century, the first Russian printed book and so on. Also you can enjoy the amazing interiors specially designed for the Historical Museum with the participation of famous artists such as Victor Vasnetsov, Henryk Semiradsky, Ivan Aivazovsky.

Tour group: 15 participants

Duration time: guided tour lasts 1 h. 30 m.


  • guided tour in English, French or Spanish — 7000 rubles for group (max. — 15 persons) + entrance tickets for each participant
  • guided tour in Russian with translation in different language (with interpreter) — 6 000 rubles + entrance tickets for each participant