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State Historical Museum Excursions

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State Historical Museum


1 Jun., 2019 — 31 Aug., 2019

Working hours:

Monday–Sunday: from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., ticket office is open till 8 p.m.
Day off: 11 June, 2 July, 6 August


  • Our address: Red Square, 1, Moscow, 109012
  • Getting here: by Moscow underground Metro st. "Okhotny Ryad", "Ploshchad Revolyutsii", "Teatralnaya"
  • Tour centre: visitor@shm.ru
  • Tour centre working hours: 10 a.m. — 5 p.m. (day off: Tuesday)

Tickets for exhibition:

  • 700 rub.: Adults
  • 150 rub.: ISIC or IYTC cards holders
  • 0 rub.: Children under 16 years old
  • 0 rub.: Members of ICOM

You can also visit Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed:

  • Working hours: 
  • Monday-Sunday: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
  • Ticket office is open till: 5:15 p.m. 
  • Day off:
  • 11 June, 3 July, 7 August
  • Tickets: 
  • 1000 rub.: Adults 
  • 150 rub.: ISIC or IYTC cards holders
  • 0 rub.: Children under 16 years old
  • 0 rub.: Members of ICOM

Overview tours:

1. English

  • daily: 10:30 (except 4 and 5 June) and 13:00 (except 4 and 5 June)
  • Sat 10:30, 13:00, 19:00

2. Spanish (Fri 14:00, starting from 7 June);

3. German (Thu 11:00, starting from 20 June);

4. Chinese (Wed 10:30, starting from 12 June)

Guided tours

This tour through the exposition of the State Historical Museum, which contains priceless historical monuments and antiquities shedding the light on the history of the Russian state, life and traditions of people from the IX to XVII centuries. During the tour you will hear the authentic performance of Russian folk songs, as well as the sound of traditional musical instruments. You will witness the performance of ancient ceremonies and will be able to take part in it. The tour will immerse you in the atmosphere of the Russian Middle Ages, give an idea of the life and customs of this period, will allow you to feel the originality and uniqueness of Russian culture.

Duration time: guided tour lasts 1 h. 30 m.

Place: State Historical Museum (Red Square, 1)

Price: 1500 rubles per person

Time: 14, 26 June 19:00


14 June 19:00. Buy a ticket

26 June 19:00. Buy a ticket

Game Lab: Historical Games Rediscovered. Age: 5+

The State Historical Museum invites families to try special activities. Children and adults can take part in board and mobile games which were popular in different periods of Russian history. Visitors will not only see famous Russian toys and learn about history of traditional Russian games, but also they can try to play themselves. In the Game Lab visitors can also discover board games that were popular during the Middle ages. Historical games are suitable for a large company as well as for a small group of 1–4 people.

Price: ticket for exposition + 300 rub.

Duration time: guided tour lasts 1 h. 30 m.

1. English (Sat, Sun 11:00);

2. Spanish (Fri 11:00, starting from 7 June);

3. German (Thu 10:30, starting from 13 June);

4. French (Mon 11:00, starting from 17 June)