Department of the Science-based Exhibits Storage

The Department of the Science-based Exhibits Storage was re-created in the Museum after the complete overhaul of the Historical Museum’s Main Building in July 1997 as a museum sub-structure for storage and continuous supervision over state of the museum items displayed either at regular exposition or temporary exhibitions.

The Department is charged with the tasks of securing the physical integrity of museum exhibits temporarily stored in it, regular inventory of the items, movement records of museum objects at regular exposition and temporary exhibitions, supervising and managing the collaboration of SHM specialists and external agencies working with exhibits (physical movement of items, preventive measures, research work, copying, photography, restoration etc.), control and analysis of items storage at SHM exhibitions, departments and branches, display equipment maintenance, formulation of guidelines on optimization of exhibit conditions in the museum, consulting services for SHM specialists and external agencies, participation in councils, conferences and other relevant initiatives.

Current exhibitions