Scientific Official Archive

The Scientific Official Archive (SOA) was established on 28 December 1942.Peter Alexandrovich Neznamovwas the person held responsible for the organisation and management of the Archive. Until 1943 all documents were stored nowhere else but right in the structural subdivisions. P.A. Neznamov started practically assembling the paperwork documenting the museum activities into a unified SHM Archive subdivision.

On 20 November 1957 the Archive was transferred to the Museum’s Written Sources Department (DWS). In 1959 an independent archive collection of the SOA was formed within the DWS, with its core being the collection “Materials on the history of the State Historical Museum”, with the archive processing initiated some time later. The first record statements were compiled. The DWS Research assistantAntonina Efimovna Chekunovawas appointed to a post of the Manager of the Archive. In the 1970’s the position of the Archive Manager was cancelled and the SOA was reorganised into a subdivision reporting to the SHM Academic Secretary.

On 1 April 1978 the Scientific Information Sector (SIS) was created as a result of the museum archive and the library merged together. In April 1990 the SOA was restructured once again to become an independent museum subdivision.

The SOA is engaged in storage of the government part of the Russian Federation Archive Foundation. The tasks assigned to the Archive are securing integrity and safety of the museum’s archive holdings, keeping record of and using the documents in stock for scientific, display and exhibition purposes, maintaining the paperwork for basic museum activities as required by the provisions of the Russian Federation laws.
As of the 1st January 2004, the archive collections were reported to house 10 915 items. The archive holds topical documentary collections on the museum’s history (complete record management documents of permanent storage, those related to scientific activity, history of the museum and its branches and the museum’s collections; pictorial materials on the SHM’s history, advertising bills, etc.) and current record management limited life files, scientific and reference aids disclosing the scope and contents of the SHM SOA’s documentary block. The time span of the Archive covers the period from the latter half of the 19th century up to the year 2003.

Basic information on the collection founder is provided in the historical reference to the Archive collections and in the foreword to the permanent storage record statement. The scientific and reference aids include two catalogues: by personnel and subject-topical. The scientific and informational duties of the archive are preparing and issuing references, provisioning consulting services on the SHM’s history, its collections, on the history and methodology of museum management, etc.
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