2001 – 2006

April, 2001
Exhibition “Easter gifts presented by Alexis II, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia”.


April, 2001
Sweden crown princess Victoria and L.A.Putina had inaugurated an exhibition “Eagle and Lion. Russia and Sweden in the 17th century».


Rooms of permanent collection «From the Stone Age to the 17th century» were opened for visitors.


July, 2003
Exhibition «Charles de Gaulle. Person and epoch».


October, 2003
Exhibition «Llardo. Language of porcelain plastic».


November, 2003
The contract on long-term cooperation between the State Historical Museum and the Hungarian National Museum was signed.


January18, 2005
Exhibition «First Russian University. Moscow State University is 250».


December 15, 2005
Exhibition «Gold children. Four centuries of the European children’s portrait» (from the collection of Museum Foundation Ben & Jannick Jakober – city Palmа, Spain).


Rooms of permanent collection on history of Russia of the second half of the 19th century were opened for visitors.
Concept of the museum quarter of the State Historical Museum was built up.


March, 2006
Management of the State Historical Museum and management of the province Shaanxi (People’s Republic of China) were in negotiations concerning a Moscow exhibition «Terra-cotta army of the first emperor of China. Tsin Dynasty. IIId century BC».


July, 2006
It was presented a new project «Alive exposition. Tsarskoye Selo is on a visit to the Historical Museum».


October, 2006
T.G. Igumnova – deputy director of the State Historical Museum, member of International committee ICOM on exchange of exhibitions – made a report at the committee’s meeting in Amsterdam (the Netherlands).


December 20, 2006
An intranet-room for 15 visitors’ places was opened.

Current exhibitions