1978 – 2000

Exhibition «Path of glory of the Leninist Komsomol» (60th anniversary of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League).


Armenian historical and social expedition.


Exhibitions «Russian wooden house ware, 17th- 20th centuries», and «Russian art glass, 17th-19th centuries».


The Council of Ministers of the RSFSR adopted a regulation «About a big repair of the State Historical Museum’s building in Moscow».
The main building of the museum in Red Square was closed because of its restoration and major repairs.


By the RSFSR President’s decree, the Museum was included in the State List of Specially Valuable Objects of Russian Federation’s Cultural Heritage.


March, 1991
Exhibition «Russian jewellery: Fabergé and his environment» was inaugurated in Osaka (Japan).


Alexander Ivanovich Shkurko was appointed director of the State Historical Museum.


The department on foreign communications was created. The post of the deputy director on foreign communications and exhibition work was entered.


V.I.Lenin Museum was affiliated to the State Historical Museum as its branch.
According a decision of the Moscow government, Voskresensky gate was restored.


September, 1997
After big repairs, the State Historical Museum’s main building was inaugurated.


In rooms 1-8 there were exhibits of the archaeological cultures from the Paleolithic till the Old Russian State’s origin.


At four corner towers of the museum’s main building there were put back restored national emblems: two-headed eagles.


April, 1998
Exhibition «Ten centuries of Russian money».


July, 1998
The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation E.M.Primakov opened an exhibition “Chancellor A.M.Gorchakov”.


January, 1999
The Moscow mayor J.M.Luzhkov opened an exhibition «Moscow Germans. Four centuries with Russia».


November, 1999
Exhibition «Russian style».


January, 2000
It was opened the first exhibition of a cycle «Calendar of the Russian history». Almost all departments of the museum took part in this project.


July, 2000
Exhibition «Victory parade. June 24, 1945»

Current exhibitions