1931 – 1944

Exhibition «Glimpses of history of military technology».


Exhibition «Everyday clothes (historical and modern)».


January, 1934
Exhibition «Ten years without Lenin».


Exhibition «Historical and archaeological researches and finds during the 1st underground building step».


Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR and Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks made the decision to remove the sculptures of two-headed eagles from museum towers.


The museum acquired the former Donskoi monastery’s materials from the Antireligious museum of art.


Vault composition of «the Genealogical Tree of Russian Sovereigns » and ornamental painting on pillars of the Grand outer entrance hall were painted white. Initial decor was destroyed, and appearance of rooms №13, 17-21 was executed in accordance with a new project; picturesque dressing of rooms №7-11 was changed.


An exhibition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the date of M.I.Kutuzov’s death .


After the re-exposition, all rooms of the museum ground floor covered the period from the earliest times till the 18th century were opened.


A schoolchild room was opened.


July, November, 1941
The most valuable collections of the museum were evacuated in Khvalynsk, and then – in Kustanay.


Exhibition «Great Russian battle captain A.V.Suvorov».


September 2, 1944
A Taman sarcophagus was rescued from Kerch.

Current exhibitions