1916 – 1930

The museum acquired the famous publisher A.S.Suvorin’s collection of manuscripts and books.


At the initiative of the museum’s main keeper – famous numismatist A.V.Oreshnikov – the museum acquired collections belonged to the disbanded Moscow Numismatical Society.


The museum was titled the «State Russian Historical Museum».  Eighteen exposition rooms of the ground floor covered the period since the prehistoric epoch till the early 17th century were opened for the visitors.


The museum acquired A.I.Khludov’s collection of manuscripts, collection of antiquities from the museum founder A.S.Uvarov’s country estate “Porechye”.


It was created «Society of Historical Museum’s friends».


The museum acquired collections of the Rumyantsev museum’s
department of antiquities.


Under the decision of People’s Commissariat for Enlightenment (Narkompros), the Synod collection of manuscripts and books (the former Patriarchal library) was transferred to the museum.


The «House museum of 40s years» was transferred to the museum’s department.


Regular archaeological historical and social expeditions.


The museum was titled the «State Historical Museum».


It was published the first periodical edition of “Works of the State Historical museum”.


It was inaugurated an exhibition «Work and everyday life of the working and peasant population of Ural in the last 18th and 19th centuries»


Because of the dissolution of Museum of Furniture and State Museum Fund, the State Historical Museum acquired their collections.


It was opened an exhibition «Dialectic history of dishes».

Current exhibitions

The Kuban Cossacks. Pages of the history of the Kuban Cossack Host in the XVIII-XXI centuries

6 Dec., 2017 — 1 Apr., 2018

ANNA NOVA Jewelry House opened an exhibition dedicated to the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino

6 Sep., 2017 — 31 Mar., 2018