1909 – 1915

The museum was visited by Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, Duchess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha who was a daughter of the emperor Alexander II of Russia.


The museum organized exhibitions timed to the anniversary of N.V.Gogol and to the 200th anniversary of Poltava victory.


For the first time the museum took part in a foreign exhibition «Islamic art» (Munich)


In the museum there were exhibitions timed to the 50th anniversary of liberation of the serfs, to the 100th anniversary from the date of V.G.Belinsky’s birth, and exhibitions dedicated to K.S.Aksakov, A.S.Khomyakov, and T.G.Shevchenko.


The museum took part in an exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Tsarskoje Selo.


August, 1912
In the museum, in the presence of emperor and members of the Imperial Family, there was an inauguration of the anniversary exhibition dedicated to the «Patriotic War of 1812».


For the first time it was published the «Review of the major monuments of the Historical Museum: Historical Department, 1883–1908».


The museum acquired English genre engravings of the 19th century that represented subjects from Russian history.



The Grand duke George Mikhaylovich visited the museum.


The museum accepted to keep some monuments from territories of military operations of the First World War.


In the museum it was created «Department of the war that is rubbing through» – a new division for acquisition of materials on modern history.


The museum acquired a collection of manuscripts belonged to the collector of antiquities E.V.Barsov.


The museum began to acquire documents and objects sent purposefully by the South-West front’s headquarters and from military positions.


The museum acquired the I.H.Kolodeev’s collection (over 3000 units) the most valuable material on history of the reign of Alexander I and on Patriotic War in 1812.

Current exhibitions

“Portrait of a museum on the background of the history of photography 1876-2015 gg. 145th Anniversary of the museum…”

8 Feb., 2017 — 10 Apr., 2017

“Handsome man. Russian elegant in the second half of the XVIII – beginning of the XX century”.

15 Mar., 2017 — 28 Jul., 2017

Аrs botanica. Floral motifs in the art of the first half of the XIX century.

14 Dec., 2016 — 3 Apr., 2017

Exhibitions in 2017

1 Jan. — 31 Dec., 2017