1900 – 1908

March, 1900
Final touches were put on in museum’s Rostov room.


December, 1900
The XIXth periodic painting exhibition of Moscow Art Admirers’ Society took place in the museum. Among the exhibits there were sculpture by A.S.Golubkina, and illustrations by O.L.Pasternak to the novel “Resurrection” by L.N.Tolstoy.


March, 1902
In the museum there was an exhibition dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the N.V.Gogol’s and V.A.Zhukovsky’s dates of death, and it was arranged by the Russian Literature Admirers’ Society. Among the exhibits there were writers’ belongings, manuscripts and publications.


From the numismatist P.V.Zubov’s collection the museum acquired more than 200 000 Russian and east coins, medals, counters and ancient bank notes.


April, 1903
The final touches are put on in five museum’s rooms dedicated to epochs of Ivan the Terrible, Boris Godunov and Time of Troubles.


The museum accepted to safe-keep nine boxes of L.N.Tolstoy’s personal archives transferred by his widow S.A.Tolstaya.


The museum exhibits V.M.Vasnetsov’s cartoons “Last Judgement” intended for painting of the Vladimir cathedral in Kiev.


The museum acquires the collection of manufacturer and patron of arts A.P.Bahrushin – about 1900 exhibits, among which there were church antiquities, porcelain and faience collections, and collection of portraits).


May, 1905
The hereditary honorary freeman P.I.Shchukin gifttd a unique museum of antiquities (more than 30 000 objects) that became an independent department of the State Historical Museum.


April, 1905
After the grand duke Serge Alexandrovich’s tragic death, the grand duke Michael Alexandrovich was appointed museum’s chairman.


February, 1907
In accordance with chairman’s desire, the museum began to acquire underground publications.


December 31, 1908
Deputy chairman Ivan Egorovich Zabelin dead.


The museum acquired the philologist M.N.Speransky’s collection (over 700 objects) related with N.V.Gogol and his epoch.

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