1894 – 1899

The First Artists Congress dedicated to the transfer of the P.M.Tretyakov’s Art gallery to the city took place in the Museum.


Inauguration of the exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Palestinian Society Formation the head of which was museum’s Chairman grand duke Sergey Alexandrovich.


May, 1895
The Museum was called the “Imperial Russian Historical Museum named after Alexander III”.


December, 1895
Final touches were put on in the museum’s Moscow room.


The exhibition of the Historical Painters’ Society took place in the museum. Among paintings there was a picture “Baptism of the prince Vladimir” painted for museum by F.A.Bronnikov.


In the museum there was an exhibition of paintings, drawings, sceneries painted for performances on historical themes as well as V.V.Vereschagin’s paintings on canvas.


In the museum there was a French exhibition related with a friendly visit of the emperor Nikolas II to France in 1894.


I.L.Shabelsky gifts to the museum a collection of national costumes and tapestries.


An exhibition of works of art by ancient and modern Japan masters.


April, 1898
An exhibition of the works of Petersburg Society’s Artists where 456 pictures were demonstrated was organized in the museum; among the paintings there was “Christian Dirtseya in Neron’s circus” by G.I.Semiradsky.


August, 1898
The museum was visited by the emperor Nikolas II and the empress Alexander Fedorovna.


December, 1898
The XVIIth periodic painting exhibition of Moscow Art Admirers’ Society took place in the museum. Among the works there were pictures by V.A.Serov, I.I.Levitan, and also a series of etudes by V.D.Polenov, M.V.Nesterov.


In the museum there was an anniversary Pushkin exhibition solemnly opened in six rooms of the third floor.

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