1883 – 1893


May, 1883
Visit of the emperor Alexander III and the empresses Maria Fedorovna to the Historical museum, in the days of coronation celebrations.


June, 1883
Public inauguration of the museum and 11 exposition’s rooms of the first order.


December, 1884
Count Alexey Sergeyevich Uvarov – museum chairman’s companion – died.


April, 1885
The valid councilor of state Ivan Egorovich Zabelin is appointed museum chairman’s companion.


May, 1886
Empress Maria Fedorovna’s gift of ancient Russian millinery collection.


April, 1889
Exposition of the picture “Frina at the Poseidon celebration in Eleuzise” that was bought by the emperor Alexander III.


March, 1890
Heir crown prince of Russian Empire Nikolas Alexandrovich gifts for the museum a collection of Abyssinian weapon.


January, 1891
The final touches are put on in the museum’s Novgorod room.


March, 1891
The final touches are put on in the museum’s Vladimir room.


September, 1891
The final touches are put on in the museum’s Suzdal room.


The museum organizes “F.M.Dostoevsky Room” where there are over 4000 writer’s belongings acquired from his widow A.G.Dostoevskay.


The museum acquires the archeologist D.J.Samokvasov’s collection where there are the most valuable finds from the grave-mound Black entombment.


Inauguration of the exposition of new pictures by I. E. Repine.

Current exhibitions

The Kuban Cossacks. Pages of the history of the Kuban Cossack Host in the XVIII-XXI centuries

6 Dec., 2017 — 1 Apr., 2018

ANNA NOVA Jewelry House opened an exhibition dedicated to the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino

6 Sep., 2017 — 31 Mar., 2018