Floor Plans

Ground floor

The exposition begins in a glorious Front vestibule “Seni” on the arches of which is represented “Genealogic tree of Russian sovereigns” (green part of the plan).



First floor (rooms 1-22)

The rooms 1-7 are devoted to ancient history – to the development of human civilization in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.
The next seven rooms (8-14) tell about the era of the ancient Russian state.
The exposition of rooms 15-21 elaborate on the formation of centralized state and its greater extension.



Second floor (rooms 22-28, 35-39)

A grand panorama of the Russian Empire history in the 18th and 19th centuries is set in the rooms of the second floor.


Current exhibitions

“For our friends.” On the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the war for the liberation of Bulgaria

26 May, 2017 — 4 Sep., 2017

“Handsome man. Russian elegant in the second half of the XVIII – beginning of the XX century”.

15 Mar., 2017 — 28 Jul., 2017

Exhibitions in 2017

1 Jan. — 31 Dec., 2017