Russian history in the works of students of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum
17 Jun. — 29 Sep., 2014

The exhibition takes place in the Resurrection Gate Gallery of the Museum

The exhibition presents works of the most artistic students of the school. Their pictures represent different events of Russian history. All works are fulfilled in a traditional academic style. The visitor will see paintings and drawings from the Golden collection of the school museum, as well as works made by Lyceum students. The exhibition takes place in the year of the 75th anniversary of the school.

An undoubted interest of the visitors will be attracted to the watercolors after the works of Pushkin, to a series of illustrations for “Silver Prince” by A. Tolstoy, “the Lay of Igor’s Warfare”, for story of the Life of Alexander Nevsky. The interest will be attracted also to the representations of battles of 1812 and to graphic works of the siege of the city of Pskov. Legends and epic poems are supplemented with bright pictures of folk festivals and religious rites. Moscow landscapes and plain-air sketches of Russian province show the changes in city architecture.

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