The Nomad. Between Heaven and Earth
24 Apr. — 15 Sep., 2014

Masterpieces of the Eurasian steppes ancient cultures from the collection of the Historical Museum and works by the sculptor Dashy Namdakov.

The exhibition is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Department of Archaeological Monuments of the Historical Museum.

The exhibition is intended to show a unique cultural and mythological space of the interminable steppes that for thousands of years united many nomadic peoples. The imaginative world of this culture is reflected in the tools, weapons, jewelry, and works of art.

Among the unique exhibits there are ancient bronze art castings of Eurasian steppes, gold weapons and ornaments dated to the Scythian period, funerary masks, an oriental robe made of Chinese silk, elements of shaman’s costume of Siberian peoples of the late 19th – early 20th century B.C., silver paiza (a tablet of authority for the Mongol officials and envoys) of khan Uzbek. Many articles are exhibited for the first time.

The Dashy Namdakov’s Workshop of and the Irkutsk Regional Museum are participants of the exhibition.

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