Beloved leader myth
26 Mar., 2014 — 13 Jan., 2015

The first great demonstration of the collection of the former V. Lenin Central Museum is devoted to leaders of the Soviet state – V. Lenin and J. Stalin.

In January 2014, it was the 90th anniversary of the death of V. Lenin. The death of the founder of the Soviet state was the reason to create a museum named after him. The museum began with the exhibition opened in one of the halls of the Museum of the Revolution, in 1925. After 10 years it was decided to open the V Lenin Central Museum near the Red Square. In November 1993, in post-Soviet Russia the museum was closed.

More than 1,000 artifacts collected together in this exhibition give an idea of how a political myth of the “beloved leader” was created and maintained.

The exposition consists of following sections:
• Life and activities of V. Lenin in Soviet Leniniana
• Leaders of the Communist International
• Lenin and Stalin. Evolution of leaders’ images in time
• A might-have-been Museum
• “Exotic” portrait
• “The great loss”
• Monument to the Leader

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