The Energy of a Dream. To the 100th Anniversary of the Great Russian Revolution
3 Nov., 2017 — 28 Feb., 2018

For more than 25 years, the State Historical Museum has kept a unique in scope and importance fund of objects and documents, dedicated to the life and political activity of the first leaders of the Soviet state – fund of the former Central V.I. Lenin Museum.

The fate of the museum repeated the fate of a huge country that disappeared from the map of the world in December of 1991. The museum, named after the leader of the world proletariat, was closed, and its collections, saved from plunder and destruction by selfless work of museum staff members, became part of the State Historical Museum.

On November 2, 2017, Historical Museum will open the main exhibition project of the year – the exhibition-revolution “The Energy of a Dream”.

This exhibition will be the final action in the program of events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917. A large-scale exposition will occupy the entire space of the Historical Museum exhibition complex, where the objects that have never left museum depositories will be presented for the first time.

Exhibition “The Energy of a Dream” is a sociocultural model of the post-revolutionary epoch. This project will tell the visitor about first decades of the life of the country right after the events in October 1917. This is an exhibition about “first romantics” of the Soviet era, about first great conquests, human tragedies and tectonic changes in spiritual and cultural life of the society. Exhibition about the great era of changes and a new look at the history of the country and unknown museum collection! Exhibition about the energy of a man’s dream, about his creative and destructive potential. The visual acceptability will be intensified by unique artistic methods in exhibition space design and by multimedia.

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