“Handsome man. Russian elegant in the second half of the XVIII – beginning of the XX century”.
15 Mar., 2017 — 28 Jul., 2017

The State Historical Museum opens a new exhibition season, with the first time presenting a project to the public, entirely devoted to the history of men’s fashion and the phenomenon of male foppishness in Russia.

At the exhibition “Handsome man, Russian elegant of the mid-eighteenth and early twentieth centuries”, are presented three most famous periods in the history of the men’s fashion of imperial Russia . The first period refers to the middle – the second half of the XVIII century. It was at this time in the court environment there are mods of the European model, or, as they were called then, petitmeters. The second period falls on the first third of the XIX century and is associated with the penetration of fashion in Russia into the style of British dandies. The third period refers to the first two decades of the XX century and is on the one hand under the sign of mass culture, and on the other –  subtle aesthetics of decadence.

At the exhibition will be presented more than 600 items from the funds of the State Historical Museum, the State Museum of AS. Pushkin, the State Historical Library, the Russian State Library, and the Alexander Vasiliev Foundation (Vilnius). Among the exhibits are examples of men’s dress and underwear, jewelry and fashion accessories, facial care products, paintings, engravings, photographs, cartoons, magazines and books. Many of the items presented at the exhibition will be shown to the public for the first time. Collected in one space, they will recreate the enchanting image of the mods of the past. The rich artistic material will give visitors the opportunity to enjoy magnificent paintings, luxurious costumes and objects of decorative and applied art.

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