Exhibitions in 2017
1 Jan. — 31 Dec., 2017


February – May – the “European fashion Napoleonic era.”

The era of the Napoleonic wars is reflected in the numerous monuments and works of art. The course of military actions, the individual generals and politicians, arms and uniforms, art and architecture and applied art – all this is the subject of intense interest professionals and amateurs.
The museum provides an opportunity to look at another side of the great era – the city of noble vogue late XVIII – early XIX centuries. Images from the collection of graphics and objects ladies toilets in the museum.


March 15 –  july 28 “Handsome man.  Russian elegant  in the second half of the XVIII – beginning of the XX century”.

The exhibition presents men’s fashion as an integral part of the historical and cultural process in Russia and allows us to trace the history of men’s suits and accessories, which are caused by changes in the transformation of the role of men in society.

April 19   june 19- “The Russian revolution in children’s drawings.”

The exhibition is timed to the centennial of the two Russian revolutions – February and October. The exhibition features about 200 children’s drawings, executed by students of the Moscow high schools in 1917. The exhibition will supplement photographs of the revolutionary Moscow and eyewitness accounts.

April-July – Exhibition of drawings by Alexander Vahrameeva. Types and stages of Petrograd in 1917-1920. From a private collection.

The exhibition is timed to the 100th anniversary of the Russian revolution and presents drawings A. Vahrameeva combined in a series of “Scenes and types of Petrograd 1917 – 1921”. They depicted the life of revolutionary Petrograd, lively and exciting, at times, not without humor, transferred characteristic scenes and episodes from the life of the city. The series has a great historical value. It was first fully shown in the posthumous exhibition of the artist in 1927.

May 23 – 4 September – “”For all our friends “to the 140th anniversary of the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878…”

The exhibition is based on chronological order and covers the entire period of the war: 12 (24) April 1877 – the date of the signing of Alexander II Manifesto on the war with the Ottoman Empire, and 1 (13) July 1878 – the final day of the Congress of Berlin,  revised upward conditions San-Stefano peace treaty. The exhibition presents a unique memorial monuments, autographs, graphic and sculptural portraits of war heroes, uniforms, weapons combatant Russian and Turkish armies, the national dress of the Balkan peoples, cards and awards. The exhibition will be complemented by paintings of contemporary war.

May – September – “The era of Metropolitan Macarius for the Days of Slavonic Literature and Culture.”.

The exhibition is dedicated to the large-scale activities of the Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia, Macarius, canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1988. It was named Metropolitan Macarius largely linked the highest flourishing of Russian medieval culture. Book, pictorial material and clothing from the collection of the Historical Museum will allow for the first time to show the era of Metropolitan Macarius as a bright, integral phenomenon of national culture.

May – September – “Works of Charles and Horace Vernet The battle and genre scenes.”.

At a time when there were no photos of the sharp eye of the artist and his talent depended, as will be imprinted era, what details remain in the memory of generations, and what will sink into oblivion. We have heard many graphic and pictorial works of contemporaries, professional and amateur, that allow us to revive in our minds the picture groznogo and brilliant time of the Napoleonic wars.
Artists Charles Horace Vernet and witnessed the events that portrayed. By creating his classical work, they not only fulfilled the political order of the ruling circles, but also to put their knowledge and experience. The collection of graphic works by artists from the collection of the Historical Museum will be exhibited for the first time within the walls of the Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812.

June – September – “Landscapes of old Moscow Watercolors from the Collection of the Museum of History To 870 anniversary of Moscow…”

The exhibition will present the most valuable part of a uniquely complete collection of the author’s graphic forms of Moscow, which laid the basis for the famous Moscow art patrons and collectors AP Bakhrushin and PI Shchukin, as well as the Old Museum in Moscow, from where in 1926 the richest visual materials were transferred to the Historical Museum. The exhibition includes watercolors 60-70 with views of ancient monuments and architectural ensembles of the capital of the nineteenth century, thanks to which it is possible to imagine the great city, which has become an important part of the history of the Russian state.

July – October – “One Hundred Wonders of Russia Multimedia Project Within the Year of Ecology…”

The exhibition is realized in the framework of domestic tourism support program and will become one of the symbols of “Year of Ecology”. Visitors will be given the opportunity by using the most advanced technology to travel back in time and space by a spectacular memorial places of Russia, to see the wonderful nature of Baikal and Lake Seliger, Kluchevskoy and dormant volcanoes of Kamchatka, Altai mountains and inaccessible Elbrus, the Valley of Geysers, the ancient monasteries of the Russian North, and more more.

July – September – “On the 50th anniversary of the original collection of drawings and prints of the Siberian artists from the collection of the Historical Museum of the day starting the first unit Krasnoyarskoy HPP.”.

The exhibition will present a collection of original drawings and prints of the Siberian artists collected by employees of the Historical Museum during historical and household Krasnoyarskoy expedition in 1964. They illustrate not only the stages of construction, but also show the life of the Soviet people, united by a high rush: geologists, builders, young residents of Divnogorsk.

September – January 2018 – “Energy dreams the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917.”.

The exhibition presents historical monuments of post-revolutionary fifteenth – witnesses of a new era. The exposition will show how the revolution facilitated the breakthrough in all areas of public life, has given impetus to the development of innovative concepts in the economy, education and culture, contributed to the awakening of social creativity of millions of ordinary citizens who participated in the elimination of homelessness and illiteracy, construction of airships, the creation of new art associations and theaters the rise of professional art.
At the same time, the revolutionary upheavals, accompanied by irreconcilable class enmity, left a legacy of experiences of violence in the political opposition.

September – January 2018 – “Russian generals of the Napoleonic wars.”

Everyone knows the Military Gallery of the Winter Palace, where there are more than 300 portraits of generals, Russian Imperial Army, written by English artist J. Doe. It is also widely known received numerous graphics Russian generals of 1812, most of which are now little known to the general public. The purpose of the exhibition – to acquaint the public with a modern graphic beside portraits of Russian generals, have proved themselves in the era of the Napoleonic wars, which drew such masters as Louis de Saint-Aubin, F. Vendramini and others.

October – January 2018 – “Step into space: the 60th anniversary of the space age.”

The exhibition devoted to the launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth’s October 4, 1957, which became one of the symbols of the twentieth century. The exhibition presents the monuments testifying to the achievements of Russian science: models of the Earth’s first artificial satellite and other spacecraft, the astronauts personal belongings, photos and documents, commemorative medals.

October – January 2018. “Pokrovsky Cathedral Sight 2017 contemporaries.”

The annual display of works on the basis of Art Festival “Drawing the Pokrovsky Cathedral” contests “Basil’s Cathedral in the mirror of history” and the “Miracle of Russian children’s eyes.”
As part of the exhibition presents paintings, drawings, objects of decorative art and installations.

October – January 2018 – “Kuban Cossacks”.

The exhibition is dedicated to the bright phenomenon in the country’s history – the Russian Cossacks, its military history, traditions and culture. Historical monuments of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries provided from the collection of one of the oldest museums in Russia – Krasnodar State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve, created by an officer of the Kuban Cossack Army Yevgeny Dmitrievich Felitsin in 1879. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, uniforms, maps, banners, awards, weapons, documents, memorial items. Complement the exhibition of artifacts from the collection of the Historical Museum and private collections.

November – February, 2018 – “Carved bone XVIII-XIX centuries of family gatherings Karisalova”.

The exhibition presents a collection of carved ivory Karisalova family, whose head Mikhail Karisalov many years engaged in collecting, educational activities and patronage. The exposition includes about 150 objects made by Russian craftsmen in the XVIII-XIX centuries .: sculptures, icons, panels, trunks, psyche, and others. The collection of carved ivory Karisalova is by far the largest private collection of carved ivory in Russia.

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