The First World War. The Last Fight of the Russian Empire
22 Aug., 2014 — 8 Feb., 2015

On august 21, 2014 the State Historical Museum opens a major international exhibition devoted to the 100th anniversary of the First World War. The main goal of the exhibition is to restore the historical memory of the war.

The Historical Museum began to form a collection dedicated to the history of the First World War immediately after the outbreak of hostilities in August 1914. Later the origins of acquisitions were trophy commissions, the Military-and-History Museum and the Historical Artillery Museum, complexes transmitted by families of war veterans, as well as items brought from expeditions organized to the places of fights. As a result the Historical Museum has a rather large collection of monuments on the history of the First World War.

At the exhibition there are banners, weapons, military awards, items of military life, maps of battles, as well as posters, pictures, documents, photos.

The museum houses a collection of paintings fulfilled by a brigade of frontline artists during the battle actions.

The exhibits related to generals A. Brusilov, S. Vankov, A. Gutor, I. Dovbor-Musnitski are of great value. For the first time at the exhibition you will see a British Army marshal’s uniform belonged to Emperor Nicholas II and a uniform set of chef of the 27th Regiment of Dragoons belonged to the United Kingdom King Edward VII.

For the exhibition their materials were provided by many Russian and foreign museums and archives: the Imperial War Museum (London), the Army Museum (Paris), the Bavarian Army Museum (Ingolstadt), the Polytechnic Museum, the Museum of Putilov’s Factory, the Archives of the Department of History and Records of MFA of RF, the State Archive of the Russian Federation, Film and Photo Archives, Political Archive of German Foreign Ministry and others.

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